US presidents’ musical careers

Check out this fun article on the most musical American presidents.  I’ll summarize them quickly, but you should really read the original.

10.  FDR – played organ

9.  Chester Arthur – played banjo

6,7,8:  JQA, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson

JQA played flute

JT and WW: played violin

5.  Harry S. Truman:  dedicated piano player who continued to play throughout presidency.  performances can be viewed on YouTube.

4.  Bill Clinton – playing the sax got him elected

3.  Richard Nixon – accomplished pianist, violinist and accordionist who also did some composing

2.  Thomas Jefferson:  played violin, cello, and clavichord and was known to practice 3hrs/day

1.  Warren G. Harding – “played every instrument but the slide trombone and the E-flat cornet.”

America’s top ten musical Presidents.

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