America’s highest paid conductors

James Levine, conductors
James Levine

Saw this today and was a little surprised.  I guess maybe I should have been a conductor . . . .

America’s highest paid conductors

$2.41 million – Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony

$2.06 million – James Levine, Metropolitan Opera

$1.21 million – James Levine (again!), Boston Symphony

$1.56 million – Alan Gilbert, New York Philharmonic

$1.47 million – Charles Dutoit, Philadelphia Orchestra

$993,696 – James Conlon, Los Angeles Opera

$985,363 – Gustavo Dudamel, Los Angeles Philharmonic

$958,597 – Franz Welser-Most, Cleveland Orchestra

Earnings from 2010-11 nonprofit tax returns compiled by The Los Angeles Times.

America’s highest paid conductors.

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  1. James Levine should step down the greedy, ugly old man. Classical music is a cesspool of greed, jealousy [edited for inappropriate content] the players should get far more money and the conductors (some) should get far less, it is a quiet scheme because the life style is so low, but these overpaid, overdressed, bearded wives, paid off reviewers think they are fooling someone, I pray the lid is blown off this (so called NFP) septic tank this profession has ruined many superior, talented musicians, and the biggest offense is Gustavo Dudamel, REALLY????????

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