Bass Clef Focus: Czerny Op. 823 Rewritten

I have a few students that struggle with reading bass clef despite being at an intermediate level of proficiency technically. To help the boost their bass clef reading skills, I’ve rewritten this Czerny etude from the Little Pianist in only bass clef.  It seems to be helping.

piano lesson new orleans

Here is a copy of the original etude and here is a link to my adaptation.  It’s just a straightforward rewrite but is time-saving for those who are looking for something like this.

The original:



czerny piano lessons

You can download the .PDF of this rewrite here.

Other strategies I’ve adopted are having these students learn only the left hand parts of various easier Bach pieces (one is working on Invention No. 13 in a minor, but it is proving a little harder than I’d like).

Do you have any pieces you like to use with intermediate students to focus on bass clef reading? I like them to be easy for them to learn and play (taking no more than a few lessons to master) because the goal is to have them reading often (doing more pieces) rather than getting bogged down in trying to learn something difficult. Any suggestions? For now, I’ll probably stick with rewriting Czerny.


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2 responses to “Bass Clef Focus: Czerny Op. 823 Rewritten

  1. I forgot to mention two things about my version:
    1) The whole thing is meant to be played an octave higher than written (sounds too grumbly played as written). I couldn’t figure out how to get Finale’s Songwriter program to let me do write that.
    2) The fingering was entered as lyrics which is why there are lines above the score such as in m.15. Didn’t know how to get around that in Songwriter either. If anyone has suggestions, please share!

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