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This Steinway grand painted by Georges Rodrigue of Blue Dog fame was donated to LSU School of Music.

The Steinway was donated by Hall Piano Co. of Metairie. Again, the piano was built in 1913, but it was unplayable.

“It was gutted, then rebuilt,” Beck said. “It will be a century old next year.”

However, the piano won’t remain at LSU for long.  It’s going on tour before it is sold to raise funds for the School of Music.

And the eventual sale of the Rodrigue Steinway will help the LSU School of Music in funding more programs, maybe even furnishing more Steinways for its professors and students.

Yes, the ultimate goal is to sell this piano with the proceeds benefiting both the school and foundation. But not before it tours Louisiana and other parts of the country.


June 21, 2013 · 7:26 pm

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