Aafje Heynis

A new discovery of mine.  Somehow I’d yet to have the pleasure of hearing this lovely voice until a friend of mine introduced me via this YouTube video: I’m not entirely sure whether my enchantment came from the vocalist or from the piece or from the circumstances, but I’m enchanted, that’s fore sure. Here’s some…

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Child “prodigies”

Just read an interesting article from this guy: Dr. Winters received his Doctor of Music from Northwestern University, and also holds the B.M. and M.M. in piano performance from Indiana University. His background includes teaching college-level piano, arts administration at two universities, and extensive performing experience as solo pianist and accompanist. As an operatic baritone,…

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major and minor ear training

I always do about 10 minutes of ear training with my students at some point during our hour long lesson.  Usually, we do it first. For beginners, one of the first things that we cover is the difference between major triads and minor triads.  Students typically are very quick to learn to distinguish the two,…

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