Considerations when shopping for a first instrument

I get a lot of questions about instrument shopping from new or potential students.  Here’s some of the advice I’ve shared recently. First, you have to decide whether you are looking for a piano or a keyboard. Pianos are generally preferable (because after all, that’s what you are learning) but there are some aspects of piano ownershipContinue reading “Considerations when shopping for a first instrument”

Steinway Company Sold!

Famed piano makers have apparently been sold to private equity firm Kohlberg & Company for $438 million. This is not the first time the 160-year old piano maker has been sold.  Founded in 1853 in Manhattan by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway (originally known as Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg) and his three sons, the company which becameContinue reading “Steinway Company Sold!”

Blue Dog Piano

This Steinway grand painted by Georges Rodrigue of Blue Dog fame was donated to LSU School of Music. The Steinway was donated by Hall Piano Co. of Metairie. Again, the piano was built in 1913, but it was unplayable. “It was gutted, then rebuilt,” Beck said. “It will be a century old next year.” However,Continue reading “Blue Dog Piano”

National PTA knows that arts and music education will make for a better world

If only the school boards and those in control of budgets would agree. The arts ignite a child’s imagination and can even lead to improved academic performance. National PTA wants to help your PTA unit establish or improve an arts project at your school or in your community with a Mary Lou Anderson Reflections grant.Continue reading “National PTA knows that arts and music education will make for a better world”

Help Raise Money for Children’s Music Education – WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO

Hi everyone! Please watch this YouTube video OVER AND OVER again and share it on facebook, twitter etc. StubHub has pledged to donate $1 per view up to $50,000 for every view that this video receives between now and Superbowl Sunday.  Please help support this music education program that helps empower these children – inContinue reading “Help Raise Money for Children’s Music Education – WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO”

America’s highest paid conductors

Saw this today and was a little surprised.  I guess maybe I should have been a conductor . . . . America’s highest paid conductors $2.41 million – Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony $2.06 million – James Levine, Metropolitan Opera $1.21 million – James Levine (again!), Boston Symphony $1.56 million – Alan Gilbert, NewContinue reading “America’s highest paid conductors”

New Portrait of Mozart Identified

I thought that I had posted this article a week ago, but I found it today, sitting in my draft photos.  So here we go. Researchers have confirmed that an 18th century portrait is that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  The portrait is notable because it depicts him gazing directly at the viewer and sans whiteContinue reading “New Portrait of Mozart Identified”

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