Check out this great explanation of Trap music on PBS!

PBS has more to offer than you’d think. In this video, you learn the components of a trap beat (and how to emulate) as well as the genre’s history. Great ten minutes to spend!

Free Music Math Worksheet!

The worksheet is great for students who have done the better part of the Bastien Primer set (through p. 40 of the Lesson Book, to be precise).  I created it in response to requests from my students who really enjoyed this worksheet from but hadn’t necessarily covered 8th notes yet. The worksheet includes quarter, half,Continue reading “Free Music Math Worksheet!”

Playing musically through the use of adjectives, metaphors, and imagery

I.  Summary of recent article and its suggested exercise I recently read an article that suggested a few exercises to help musicians play with more musicality.  The first exercise involves brainstorming a list of adjectives – at least 100 adjectives so that you (or the person you are directing to do the exercise) is forcedContinue reading “Playing musically through the use of adjectives, metaphors, and imagery”

New Bass Clef study: Czerny No. 7 from the Little Pianist

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday! Today, I’ve decided to share another one of my Czerny rewrites.  This one is similar to the last one – it’s all in bass clef to help intermediate students focus on bass clef reading. Again, let me know what your strategies are for dealing with bass clef reading.  I have severalContinue reading “New Bass Clef study: Czerny No. 7 from the Little Pianist”

Free Ear Training Worksheet for Beginning Students

I had my first studio group lesson a while back with a group of girls aged 7- 13.  We had seven of us and had a great time. Here was my lesson plan: An introduction game as an icebreaker An memory game Musical symbol bingo courtesy of Susan Paradis Listening worksheet Beginning learning about theContinue reading “Free Ear Training Worksheet for Beginning Students”

Bass Clef Focus: Czerny Op. 823 Rewritten

I have a few students that struggle with reading bass clef despite being at an intermediate level of proficiency technically. To help the boost their bass clef reading skills, I’ve rewritten this Czerny etude from the Little Pianist in only bass clef.  It seems to be helping. Here is a copy of the original etudeContinue reading “Bass Clef Focus: Czerny Op. 823 Rewritten”

What’s the Right Age to Begin Piano Lessons

What’s the right age to start piano lessons? Almost any age is the right age to start piano lessons.  It’s never too late to start, so whether your 6 or 60 it’s a great time to jump in and give it a whirl.  Some folks would argue that students who start in middle school catchContinue reading “What’s the Right Age to Begin Piano Lessons”

major and minor ear training

I always do about 10 minutes of ear training with my students at some point during our hour long lesson.  Usually, we do it first. For beginners, one of the first things that we cover is the difference between major triads and minor triads.  Students typically are very quick to learn to distinguish the two,Continue reading “major and minor ear training”

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