Stream Purcell’s The Fairy Queen for free!

Here’s the link.  Streaming is available for free from now until August 17! From Glyndebourne’s website: Purcell’s intoxicating combination of words and music alternates elements of the plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a variety of musical interludes. A magical brew has been concocted by director Jonathan Kent in inventive collaboration with designer Paul Brown.Continue reading “Stream Purcell’s The Fairy Queen for free!”

George Gerswhin, remembered

Gershwin died this day (July 11) in 1937.  In his honor, I’m going to be doing some heavy duty, Gerswhin listening.  To start off, here is a playlist from Spotify: In case the embed code is acting up (which it seems to be), here’s the actual link:  Gershwin George Gerswhin was the son of JewishContinue reading “George Gerswhin, remembered”

US presidents’ musical careers

Check out this fun article on the most musical American presidents.  I’ll summarize them quickly, but you should really read the original. 10.  FDR – played organ 9.  Chester Arthur – played banjo 6,7,8:  JQA, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson JQA played flute JT and WW: played violin 5.  Harry S. Truman:  dedicated piano player whoContinue reading “US presidents’ musical careers”

Playlist for Monday: The soothing tones of Spanish guitar playing

Lately I’ve been very into listening to Classical guitar playing while working. Today, I’m discovering the playing of Narcisco Yepes, a guitarist from Spain who followed Andres Segovia (and often got compared with him). Yepes’ playing was often described as well delineated, suitable for counterpoint (positive view) or mechanical (negative view) and served as aContinue reading “Playlist for Monday: The soothing tones of Spanish guitar playing”

Louis Moreau Gottschalk – Creole composer and virtuoso

New Orleans-based Romantic composer and virtuosic pianist.  I’ve created a playlist on Spotify, which I’ve been enjoying this lovely afternoon. From Wikipedia: Gottschalk was born to a Jewish businessman from London and a Creole mother in New Orleans, where he was exposed to a variety of musical traditions. He had six brothers and sisters, fiveContinue reading “Louis Moreau Gottschalk – Creole composer and virtuoso”

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