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New Google Doc Add-on Vex-Tab Music Notation + Free Worksheet

I was browsing on reddit as I am sometimes wont to do, and I learned about the new and exciting music notation tool for Google Docs.  For those of you not familiar with Google Docs, think of it as basically a free version of Microsoft Office provided by Google.  One significant difference between Google Docs and Office though is that Docs automatically backs up your documents online (not saved on your computer).

Anyway, enough about Docs.  The important news is that you can now use an add-on with Docs to notate music (for free!)  VexTab enables you to code music into your document and seems pretty easy to learn.  I spent about 15 minutes using it to create this worksheet (available in full on PianoTeacherNOLA’s Facebook page):

Music theory worksheet

Here’s an image of the editing window for the first line of music, so you can see how un-scary it is to use.  The green box shows what you type (and the music that results appears above it).


It’s actually pretty intuitive.  You get to divide up your music into measures and type the notes thru note + octave notation.  I haven’t messed with different note values other than the quarter note yet, but it was very easy to change time signatures – all you do is change the value in “time=?” spot.

This is going to come in handy, I can tell.

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For my students who are learning about sharps and flats

For my students who are learning about sharps and flats

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Free music! My Heart Will Go On from Titanic

Here’s my second stab at drafting music using nothing but MS Word and the Musiqwik font.  No too bad really.

This is great for students who need to read notes in the higher register and who haven’t learned complicated rhythms yet.  However, it also uses tied notes, so you’ll have to introduce that concept to use it.

With the movie in theaters again these days, I figure this song will be great for those who’d like to remember the 90s and for those who are just discovering them.  I enjoyed writing it – I barely had to google any of the lyrics it is so engrained in my memories.  Enjoy!

Find it on my website here.

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Music as visual art

Check this out from Twisted Sifter:

People Too are an amazing Russian artist duo best known for their incredible paper craft. Hailing from Novosibirsk, they chronicle their wonderful projects on Live Journal (, where you can really get a sense of their artistry and skill with paper.

However in the series below, People Too bring sheet music to life with delightful illustrations of various everyday activities. From dinner and dancing, to work and play, the sheet music is bursting with life.

To order prints of this wonderful sheet music art, please visit: or

If anyone is looking for a gift for their favorite piano teacher . . . (hint, hint, hint).