A Playlist: 1920s-1940s vol 2, Home Library Series

Part One My mother has this old(wish) book of sheet music, which has, to my mind, an exciting trove of songs that were unknown to me, but popular hits in the early 20th century. Rather than just sightread the music, attempting to suss out each song’s character, I decided I’d try and look up theirContinue reading “A Playlist: 1920s-1940s vol 2, Home Library Series”

Listening Homework; Bach

Students will be learning about concertos for a bit in my piano studio. We will be using this book (pictured) and picking pieces therefrom. To start, we will be listening to the Bradenburg Concertos by J.S. Bach. There are six concertos, so it’s a fairly long listen, but some of them are quite short. NoticeContinue reading “Listening Homework; Bach”

Classical Playlist for Young Students

Today I’m sharing a Spotify playlist that I use as background music for when my young students do activities such as games and worksheets. It’s basically a classical pops playlist, which I think is good for young children because, a) the music is very accessible and b) there’s a chance they are familiar with someContinue reading “Classical Playlist for Young Students”

George Gerswhin, remembered

Gershwin died this day (July 11) in 1937.  In his honor, I’m going to be doing some heavy duty, Gerswhin listening.  To start off, here is a playlist from Spotify: In case the embed code is acting up (which it seems to be), here’s the actual link:  Gershwin George Gerswhin was the son of JewishContinue reading “George Gerswhin, remembered”

Baroque playlist

When teaching students about music history, I find it helps to have musical examples already at hand.  For my adult students, I’ve started making playlists of music from the particular period for them to listen to while they do other things.  That way, after they’ve spent some time immersing themselves in the sound, we canContinue reading “Baroque playlist”

Playlist for Monday: The soothing tones of Spanish guitar playing

Lately I’ve been very into listening to Classical guitar playing while working. Today, I’m discovering the playing of Narcisco Yepes, a guitarist from Spain who followed Andres Segovia (and often got compared with him). Yepes’ playing was often described as well delineated, suitable for counterpoint (positive view) or mechanical (negative view) and served as aContinue reading “Playlist for Monday: The soothing tones of Spanish guitar playing”

Spotify Playlist

Hallelujah!  I’ve figured out how to embed a Spotify playlist on my site and blog.  Here’s a playlist of 12 bar blues songs which I use to teach the concepts of tonic (I), subdominant (IV), dominant (V). The pattern essentially goes like this: I | I| I | I| IV |IV | I | I| V |Continue reading “Spotify Playlist”

A playlist for a beautiful Thursday

Hi everyone!  And hello to all my new viewers from Color In My Piano.  Great to meet you! This is just a quick post because my day is pretty packed because I’m leaving town this weekend and have to get everything wrapped up tonight.  Anyway, the weather is stunningly gorgeous here in New Orleans, albeitContinue reading “A playlist for a beautiful Thursday”

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