Freebie Friday! More Color-by-Note worksheets

This worksheet reinforces finding C, D, and E on the keyboard as well as asks students to recognize quarter notes and half notes. This sheet is a little more advanced. It asks students to recognize C, D, and E on the treble clef and recognize quarter, half, and whole notes. I hope you enjoy theseContinue reading “Freebie Friday! More Color-by-Note worksheets”

Teaching the Young Beginner – More lessons learned

As I’ve taken on more younger students in my studio, I’ve been learning a whole lot about teaching the young beginner.  Here’s some of what I’ve learned lately.  It might be obvious to many of you, but for those that don’t accept young students, it might encourage you to give it a try. Definitely don’tContinue reading “Teaching the Young Beginner – More lessons learned”

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