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Halloween worksheet on . . . dah dah dum “the devil in music”


As many of you may know, the tritone (aka augmented fourth or diminished fifth) has always had some spooky connotations. (For those of you who aren’t so familiar with its history and are interested, you can read about here and here

Listen to a classic example of the use of the tritone in this great animated version of Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens.

Teach your students about this interval using this very simple free worksheet. It’s written so that it can be used by students who aren’t ready to know about diminished and augmented intervals, instead discussing only whole steps.

Halloween music worksheet

Added bonus (or a little lagniappe as we say here), I created a tritone ringtone  (nice, hunh?) and I’ve shared it on my facebook page. Look for the tab with the pumpkin.  Once you click through, you should be able to download the ringtone.

To round out the lesson plan, I’m assigning my student a composition activity that let’s them use the tritone to make an eerie Halloween song.  I’ll share that worksheet in the next day or so.

Sorry for sharing so late!  Hope you enjoy.

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Free Halloween worksheet pack from Eartrainingandimprov.com!

I just happened upon this bundle from http://www.eartrainingandimprov.com/ in my inbox this morning.

halloween worksheets

It’s a great assortment of beginner music theory worksheets for children. I printed them all out and am going to assemble a worksheet packet that my students will work through up until Halloween. Kristin (the lady behind the packet) gives great suggestions for how to make these exercises extra fun for kids. I’m especially looking forward to the rhythm dictation worksheet called “Knock, Knock Trick or Treat.” If the student “knocks” correctly, they get the treat.  I know my students are just going to eat that up (literally and metaphorically.

Rhythmic dictation

Fun new ear training worksheet for practicing rhythmic dictation. Kids listen and then fill in the missing measures.

Anyway, serious thanks to Kristin.  Here’s a preview of some of the sheets and links to get them (click on image).

My students LOVE these kind of worksheets. I’ve shared a few of my own making, but these are really great:

Halloween worksheet

My students often don’t get enough consistent practice drawing the treble clef sign and grand staff. It’s my recent resolution to focus on this more, so it’s great to have a Halloween-themed way to bring it to them this month!

Halloween worksheet

Ear training, despite how vital it is, often gets put to the side in lessons – there’s just too much to teach in one hour, once a week. Definitely going to use this to make sure my students get a well-rounded music education.

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