Best thing I’ve seen all day. Flash Chorus!

Not to overly spoil the surprise, but the following video depicts a random group of people bursting into “Va Pensiero” at a mall.  Well-worth watching. Couldn’t stop smiling. Who knew there were flash choruses?  I NEED to participate in one ASAP. In other news, this is the article from which I got the video.  ApparentlyContinue reading “Best thing I’ve seen all day. Flash Chorus!”

Happy Friday the 13th, or, RIP Rossini!

It’s pretty late right now, and I’m up blogging because I made the mistake of falling into a Wikipedia black hole right before bed.  At some point, I realized that tomorrow (today, really) is Friday the 13th and I got to wondering why Friday the 13th is considered bad luck. Well, that led me toContinue reading “Happy Friday the 13th, or, RIP Rossini!”

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