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Free Sheet Music! Goodnight Irene.

Here’s some easy piano sheet music for a American Classic – Goodnight Irene.  It was first recorded by Lead Belly (aka Huddie William Ledbetter or Leadbelly) in 1933.  Apparently, the folklorists John and his son Alan Lomax, after having “discovered” Lead Belly in the Angola prison, sent a copy of their recording him performing “Goodnight Irene” to Louisiana’s governor to petition for Lead Belly’s release.  (Lead Belly was serving time for attempted homicide).

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Huddie William Ledbetter (January 20, 1888 – December 6, 1949) aka “Lead Belly or Leadbelly”

Anyway, the song is a classic.  It’s been covered by almost everyone – from Johnny Cash to Frank Sinatra to the Meat Puppets.  In fact, here’s a list of just a few of the people who have covered this tune.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as others have.  This is intended for students who can handle a basic waltz style, using G C and D chords in inversions.  The key, as you may have guessed, is G major.

The music is also written in a good key for many children’s voices, so could be used for children sing alongs.

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Goodnight Irene

You can download the sheet music here.


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New Easy Piano Sheet music! Iko Iko

New sheet music today!  I arranged an easy piano version of Iko Iko – famously recorded by Dr. John and the Dixie Cups.  This version is RH only.  I’ll probably post another version later with a LH accompaniment.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, here is a link to the music.   Enjoy!

In case you are unfamiliar with the song, you can listen to it below:

Dr. John, new orleans, mardi gras

Dr. John

mardi gras, new orleans

Mardi Gras Indian 2008


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FREE SHEET MUSIC: Ruby Tuesday by Rolling Stones

I’ve created an easy piano version of Ruby Tuesday at the request of one of my students.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t lend itself well to playing in positions, but it’s not difficult for those students who are comfortable moving beyond the position stage.  Also, please note that I originally wrote an 8va marking in the piece that is probably better left ignored.  I really intended it to be an 8vb, but couldn’t figure out how to do it in my version of Finale (Songwriter) and then gave up and didn’t adjust the LH to match.  So please ignore it!

Feel free to let me know if you spot any other glaring problems.  Thanks 🙂

There’s also an instructional video for playing the piece (although it is unedited and has some mistakes/bad explanations in it.)

You can find the sheet music here.


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Free sheet music – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Here’s my first stab at writing sheet music for beginning students.  The advantage of writing my own music is that I can tailor a piece or song to the students’ current understanding.

I like to use Twinkle Twinkle to get students accustomed to reading middle C through G, i.e.:

Anyway, here is a free printable of my first foray into music notation.  Pretty straight forward, but I’m proud of it.

You should be able to open this as a JPEG in Word or the like.  Find it here.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or have trouble downloading it.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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