Best thing I’ve seen all day. Flash Chorus!

Not to overly spoil the surprise, but the following video depicts a random group of people bursting into “Va Pensiero” at a mall.  Well-worth watching. Couldn’t stop smiling. Who knew there were flash choruses?  I NEED to participate in one ASAP. In other news, this is the article from which I got the video.  ApparentlyContinue reading “Best thing I’ve seen all day. Flash Chorus!”


Singers singing the names of famous western classical composers in their styles. The Beethoven is especially funny.  And I love when they start doing the Strauss waltz and count “Ein, Zwei, drei” and then just say German nonsense. . . oh and Wagner, oh nevermind it’s all great.  Watch it!

Stream Purcell’s The Fairy Queen for free!

Here’s the link.  Streaming is available for free from now until August 17! From Glyndebourne’s website: Purcell’s intoxicating combination of words and music alternates elements of the plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a variety of musical interludes. A magical brew has been concocted by director Jonathan Kent in inventive collaboration with designer Paul Brown.Continue reading “Stream Purcell’s The Fairy Queen for free!”

High notes

I was listening to Minnie Riperton during an interview of her daughter on Fresh Air last week and it got me thinking about all the hoopla about her high notes in that song. I’m pretty sure that she topped out at a high G (G6) using her whistle register. Here’s the video, for your reference.Continue reading “High notes”

Child “prodigies”

Just read an interesting article from this guy: Dr. Winters received his Doctor of Music from Northwestern University, and also holds the B.M. and M.M. in piano performance from Indiana University. His background includes teaching college-level piano, arts administration at two universities, and extensive performing experience as solo pianist and accompanist. As an operatic baritone,Continue reading “Child “prodigies””

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